Sunday, September 18, 2011" target="_blank">" />

I'm not sure if that button up there will work, but here it goes. What's been going on here? Well, we finished everything in our house EXCEPT for the crown molding. I'm not sure if we'll ever get to that. I did have my best friend (for 20 years!) come visit with her husband and barely a year old son. They were so much fun! I hated to see them go. We went to the Butterfly House, Lone Elk Park, visited Main Street St. Charles, went to the Zoo, and then finally Grants Farm. What is really neat about them, is that they are vegetarians....which is the total opposite of what Jeff and I are (we can't stand veggies!). They do eat more than just veggies, but it's just funny and different. I am just awed by their lifestyle change since they did not grow up as vegetarians. I need a lifestyle change....maybe I'll start exercising. I know Jeff would be happy about that. Anyways, it was an awesome visit. I'm excited to do some subbing this week (only two days so far, but hopefully more will pop up). As much as I would LOVE my own classroom, I do love having the day already planned and ready to go. I just need to worry about time and classroom management. Which can be difficult, but I love the challenge of it. :)