Monday, February 27, 2012

Okay, I hope I didn't say that I would be consistent with this blog. I'm just not good at writing and things have been pretty quiet. In two weeks I'll be getting ready to leave for FL, and will be staying there for 5 weeks! I'm very excited about it, but I will miss Jeff a lot. Luckily, we have google video and can chat on there. I didn't want to leave him for that long, but Shana, my youngest sister, is pregnant and is due April 5th. I wanted to have plenty of time with Shana beforehand and with Shana and Addison afterwards. Before all that can happen, though, Jeff is having a "nose job" He has a mole on his nose, which hasn't started really showing until 2007, well, the doctor was concerned by the color and rapid growth. Now, this thing is not huge or anything, but it does need to have a biopsy on it and taken out just in case it's anything serious. Well, while we were at the plastic surgeon, the doctor looked inside his nose and saw that it's really crooked. He was surprised to find out that Jeff doesn't have trouble breathing at all, but it could get worse as Jeff gets we decided he should get that fixed as well. Luckily, Jeff's mom will be coming up on March 7th to stay with us and help out and then go back home March 14th (the day after I leave for FL!). I'm so glad she's coming up, because let's face it, men are awful at being patients.....Jeff is no exception and when he's in pain, he is very difficult to work with. Please keep us in your prayers and hopefully he'll have a quick recovery. The "nose job" should only take 30 minutes, but I'm not sure how long the mole removal will be.

So, what's been going on with me? I've been subsituting all over the Pattonville School district. It's been wonderful. I finished my permanent sub position Feb 2, and then just continued subbing all over for the past month. I do get to go back to that 4th grade classroom tomorrow for a full day and on Thursday for a half day. I am excited to see the students and staff again.

Okay, this has been on my mind for a long time now. I want a baby. I cannot convince my husband that we should have one. It is so hard, because I don't want to push him into something and him resent me for it. This is so tough, but I know I'm going to regret not having any children...and then I'll resent Jeff for that...see my problem? Luckily, we are traveling a lot....this June we will be going to the Canadian Rockies, and then next June we will be going to Australia. Amazing!! I'm so excited, but inbetween those times, I have baby fever. Also, I'm tired of being on birth control...although, I'm on Implanon (this may be TMI for some of you) and haven't had a period since October 2010....that's the nice part, but I'm tired of being on something. I told Jeff that once Implanon expires (October 2013), I'm done. I'm just done with birth control. He can figure something out. I've been on some type of birth control for 10 years now, and I'm done for now. I want my body to have a break. I'm sure by then, we could be ready to have a child or I may not even be able to get pregnant.....we'll see what happens. I'd rather try and not succeed, than to not try at all.

Well, that's it for now! I have an afternoon of subbing for so I need to clean the house a bit before I go to work.