Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie list update

So, this past Friday, we watched a few movies and finished the A's.

Our list:
Apollo 13
Assassination of Jesse James

Best: Atonement
Worst: Audition (I can't remember why in the world we bought it, we must have been in the let's buy weird movies stage)

While watching Apollo 13, I kept thinking how much Tom Hanks and his son look so much alike! It must be because we're watching Dexter Season 6 so we see Colin a lot (yes, Colin and I are on a first names basis). I don't know why I thought it was special because father and son should look alike, but it was still neat.

I thought that was a really good list of movies until we got to Audition. But we were going through all our movies and while I thought we always made a very careful decision when we bought movies so I don't know where we went wrong. It's weird and had to read subtitles the whole time. Oh well, we watched it for a second time and probably won't watch ever again. Life goes on. 2 hours of our lives spent looking at the screen every once in awhile while browsing the internet.

Saturday was spent cleaning house and relaxing in anticipation of my twin sis and her hubby driving through! They were only here Sunday night but it was so nice to have visitors. We ended up grilling steaks and watching Bad Teacher (it was suppose to be Babel since that was next on our list, but it was too long). It was a good time.

Now back to the work week for J and housework for me. I'm so glad I changed laundry day to Mondays in the summer. That gives me something to do :).

I believe I'm out of words so bye for now :)

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